Shah Alam Specialist Hospital Review of Maternity Package

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Dr Siti Mariam Sh Ahmad: My Gynae

The map to the hospital

bismillah ar rahman ar rahim..

i’d like to write a review of my stay at shah alam specialist hospital recently and i hope this review will benefit others…

8.58am- 19.09.08 (friday)

1.04pm- 20.09.08 (saturday)

musa was born:
10.50am on Friday

i had an ‘SVD’ or Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery (“normal” for us commonfolk’s language, this also means i was not induced. fyi, my waterbag broke at home) and an Episiotomy (not by choice but by doctor’s assessment during labor)

my bill was as follows:
room rent:
for 19.09.08
– rm 125.00

room rent:
for 20.09.08
– rm62.00

Obgyn’s fee:

Paed’s fee:

(i was rountinely given ubat for angin, ponstan and another one i can’t remember- i was also given ubat bantu buang air besar once- though i had a bowel movement about 2 days later)

(i was also supplied with the medication for about 3 days’ supply)

medical disposables:
(i guess this covers the plastic bedsheets and maternity sanitary napkins and probably a whole other stuffs i can’t remember)

equipment usage:
(tak tahu equipment apa?)

(pun tak tahu apa)

medical/surgical procedures:
(pun tak tahu apa)

5% gov service tax:

total charges: rm1615.80

review of room:
i guess the only disappointing thing was the hot shower because it didnt work. i brought over my birthing ball and after i had finished with it, i wanted to use the hot shower (for pain relief/management) but it wasnt working–the water stayed cold.

other than that everything else is ok i guess. we had expected that i was going to get the room in the corner because previously the nurse had shown us the corner room (which is a bit larger) but the room that i stayed in was still ok. (it was room 232 i think)

it was very good of them to ask first before simply charging a patient for meals. they asked me at the beginning of both days whether i wanted breakfast, lunch n dinner. i only took breakfast (which was simply milo and two pieces of bread with jam n butter).

hot water was provided.

miscellaneous: basic toiletries was provided in a complimentary jug.

review of service:
i could only remember that her name is Margaret. when i came in, she checked my dilation (4cm) and that was all i could remember (because of the pain). after that when i started pushing in the toilet (i’ll narrate about this in another entry), she along with the nurses came to get me with a wheelchair. she was by my side during labor (she helped to feel the contractions coming) and was actively checking on me immediately after labor. she accompanied the nurses while they transferred me into my room. all in all, she came off as a very warm person.

hehe. this is a funny memory because two days before i went into labor, a friend of mine who gave birth recently said that the nurses who attended to her during birth were almost like football fans hooting for their favourite player (“C’mon! that’s it! a little bit more! good! way to go! woo hoo!”) and when it was my turn– i clearly heard their “cheering” over my efforts. i dont know if they’re like, coached to do those things or what, but it was a bit distracting (in a positive way), meaning to say it was moral support at a very intense time. way to go, nurses! hehe.

Dr. Siti was as i expected her to be. She has always come across as a warm, sweet, open, friendly person- yet assertive when there is the need. hehe. sorry Dr. Siti…i was not all compliant to her instructions–maklum lah, first experience–

eh..heheh…review of husband tak termasuk kat sini…heheh…saje je buat lawak

i think the original price of the package is rm1550 if i’m not mistaken. but all in all, i can say i’m quite satisfied with the service, alhamdulillah. (except that SALAM or Shah Alam Specialist Hospital should include BFHI- Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative). all praise is due to Allah…


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